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VIDEO: American City Pays Tribute To Zambian Man Who Died Of Covid-19

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has paid tribute to the late Zambian IT specialist Kabwe Chanda.

Chanda is one of the 105, 000 victims of the coronavirus in America. The pandemic has plunged the United States of America in chaos, stretching its health care system and the economy.

Chanda, who was a Regional Manager for the Los Angeles Community College School district’s Information Technology Department, was responsible for overseeing the IT operations at Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC).

He died in April and is survived by a son and wife.

The college management said Chanda had left a wonderful mark at LASC during his three stops at the college: As a Computer & Network Support Specialist from 2006 to 2012, College Information System Manager in 2018 and finally as Regional Manager, a job that he started just a month ago and included overseeing the IT operations at West Los Angeles College and Los Angeles City College.

Chanda had an incredible spirit. He was more than a co-worker, but a friend to almost all he interacted with. He was quick to smile and laugh and also quick to support his colleagues. No matter the difficulty of the job, you could always expect Chanda to be prepared, calm and ready to offer critical assistance. His positivity resonated throughout any room that he was in and was transferred amongst all of the individuals in it.