Noah Chivuta: “I’m Not Stranded; We Are In Lockdown”

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Zambian soccer star Noah Chivuta has dispelled reports he was stranded in Thailand in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chivuta was quoted by South Africa Soccer Laduma stating he had stayed away from his family for too long and could not travel.

The 2012 Africa Cup winning star posted on his Facebook that an impression had wrongly been created suggesting he was totally stranded when the situation had affected every globally.


I wish to put the record straight following the circulating fake media reports that am stranded in Thailand.

Thailand is in a lockdown due to the Covid 19 outbreak and the league has been suspended just like in Zambia and other leagues across the globe.

In this regard, I cant travel to join my family who are based in Johannesburg in this period.

South Africa is equally under lockdown and my wife and kids cant join me here in Thailand.

However, am very fine and in touch with my family in Jo’burg. I guess this is the case with many other people who live apart with their families either in different countries or continents like in my case.

I have observed this misrepresentation of facts in the Zambian media has created an impression that am stranded and have no means to survive in Thailand.

I have seen some articles where some reporters have gone to the extent of quoting me like they they interviewed me .Others are even claiming that my contract has been terminated. That’s not right, I’ve played professional football for a longtime and I dont discuss issues to do with my contracts in the media. Football is facing challenges at the moment.

This is very unfortunate and I would like to urge the Zambian media to be professional and learn how to report facts.I dont see any need of reporting falsehoods when you can easily contact me and clarify your stories. Lets focus on fighting the Covid-19.


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