Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa Says Sorry To Chinese Community

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Lusaka Mayors Sampa has apologized for attempting to aggressively deal with Chinese investors for allegedly abrogating labour laws.

He held a press briefing and below is his full statement,


Statement by Miles B. Sampa, the Mayor of Lusaka.

Wednesday 27th May 2020

I wish to review events last week and over the weekend as regards my monitoring and conduct towards some business houses.

I accept my error in judgment of physically going to the business premises instead of engaging relevant offices and institutions. I can give guidance but actual execution of revoking trading licenses for any trader or business house that maybe found wanting or in breach of any law of the land need to be done by relevant offices and institutions.

Above said, I wish to apologies unreservedly to the following:

1. The Chinese Community in the City of Lusaka and beyond for the tone and language used towards one of their nationals in particular on the use of the word ‘Chinaman’. I did not know hitherto that it was derogatory term but they have since lodged in a formal complaint against my use of the word. They demanded that I render an apology.

I therefore sincerely apologies to all the Chinese people. My calling is to respect all human beings be it in deed or speech regardless of their race or nationality.

2. I render my apology to All other Leaders in whose jurisdiction my actions may have interfered with and put their office into disrepute. I give them my assurance hereon to always keep to my Lane and Mandate.

Finally, I wish to assure all foreign investors in the City of Lusaka that my office is there to support their businesses 100% and where we will feel they is misconduct or breach of laws, we shall engage them in a more civil manner through relevant offices and instititutions.

I thank you and God bless us all.

Romans 12:18
“Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone”

Miles Bwalya Sampa

Mayor of Lusaka
27th May 2020


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