UPND Accuse PF Of Framing HH In Gold Scam

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The opposition UPND have accused the PF of scheming to taint its party leader Hakainde Hichilema over the gold scam.



25 TH May, 2020.

It has come to our attention with shock that PF is rounding up some students from higher institutions of learning for their selfish political motives. PF want to incite students to demonstrate that the PF thieves should not sale the gold mine the way HH allegedly sold the mine in Luanshya. And also support the passing of Bill 10 in Parliament. Why drag HH in the gold scandal which is only benefiting the PF crooks? Even we as UPND are not happy the way PF is mismanaging our minerals.

PF wants to use students to create confusion so that they can steal gold quietly. Are you not aware that it’s the same PF that has failed to create jobs for our graduates? Surely, if your concern is non political about the selling of the gold mine, why don’t you simply petition the President without dragging HH in the PF campaign lies.. They want you to demonstrate in the midst of Covid 19 without a permit, and yet our UPND officials in Ndola were denied the right to vote despite being given a permit.

HH has given two conditions if at all he is the one who sold the mines. He has openly challenged anyone with evidence to report him to Police. Secondly, our President has put his Kabulonga house at stake for anyone with evidence to take it. Ever since, no one has come forward to do any of the above. An indication that these are all lies.

As UPND we are sick and tired of PF implicating our President in the sale of the mines, the allegation PF knows too well is false. PF knows deep down that they don’t stand any chance in 2021 elections; hence they want to use Bill 10 to cling to power so as to continue stealing and inflicting more pain on Zambians. After confessing that they are thieves, they are now panicking and want to drag innocent students in their dirty campaigns.

We challenge these students to report HH to Police and take his Kabulonga house. If the students have no evidence, we appeal to them to concentrate on their studies and wait for Bally to create jobs for them. You as students are very dignified to associate yourselves with self confessed thieves. Have you considered how society will perceive you when you are seen dancing for thieves? The best you can do is to wish them well as Zambians prepare to kick them out. Remember Bally is your friend and loves you, stay blessed.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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