Union Oppose Maize Export; Demands Stabilization Of Mealie Meal Prices

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The Africa Consumer Union has opposed government’s intention to export about 83,000 metric tonnes of maize.

ACU first vice president Muyunda Ililonga says it is disturbing to note that government wants to export such amount of maize at the expense of domestic consumption.

Dr. Ililonga says instead of exporting the maize, the government should endeavor to stabilize mealie meal prices to at least k100 as the continued escalating prices of the commodity is causing anxiety among citizens who cannot manage to buy a bag.
Government has allowed the Export of 83,000 Metric tonnes of grain under the early maize programme.

Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo said the ban on maize exports is still in effect, but that the export of the 83,000 metric tonnes will be done under a special arrangement with commercial farmers.


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