PF Inter-City Crew Fight Social Media Abuse

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Patriotic Front foot soldiers, known as the party’s security wing, is engaging its party members to fight

Led by PF Lusaka Province security chairperson Eddie Gowa, popularly known as America 1, has urged youths in the party to ignore those who are insulting leaders on social media by not insulting back, but instead follow the party’s procedure.

Speaking in Kabwata today during a meeting with youths from the ruling party, Mr. Gowa said those who had gone out of the party and came back must abide by laid down procedure and respect leaders as opposed to taking to social media to express their grievances.

He said the party does not hate anyone who had left but that it will not condone people trading insults on social media because doing so goes against the role of the youths in protecting the party and the President.

He said those who left the party and have come back must realised that while they wasted their time out there, there can never be a vacuum in the party and that they should not expect to start from where they left but must accept to be led.

He said such people must start from the branch as opposed to thinking that they could be easily assimilated into the party leadership structures by taking over the positions they willingly left.

“Our interest is to work together. Those who deserted our party and have come back must follow the rules. We are not staying that we don’t need those people who left because politics is about numbers but these people who are coming back must go to back their branches and start afresh.

“The time they wasted out of the party is gone. There can never be a vacuum in the party just because you have left. If you have left, other people will take over and if you come back, you cannot come to take your position.

“You need to go back to the grassroots because your position has been takeover over. We hate no one. Even those who are insulting our leaders out there are needed but we need to teach them the best way to go about it,” Mr. Gowa said.

He says all forms of communication in the party follow laid down procedure according to party structures and the constitution and that anyone who is doing so outside this laid down channel does not espouse the ideals of the party.

He asked his fellow youths not to respond to people who are insulting the party leadership on social media saying these do not have any authority because they are not in the structures.

“Our duty is to protect the President and the party and we need to desist from abusing social media. What will make us to work as youths is because we want our party to win. When our time comes, we will also rise in leadership.

“All those who left and have come back must learn to respect the leaders we have in the party. Let us not insult them back. Let us not address our problems on social media. We have leaders and if you have a problem, you know where to go. In Lusaka province, we have no groups. We only have structures,” he said.


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