Tayali: HH Is Our Political Virus

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Having HH as the biggest opposition leader in our Country is like having a worst pandemic of Coronavirus. He never says anything positive about our Country, even when we are doing well in certain areas.

President Lungu, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and the entire Govt must be commended for their efforts to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, yet HH is there to say they are doing nothing.

HH has even introduced a sentiment in the public that we have no capacity to test Coronavirus virus yet 3 people were identified and successfully tested positive.

Further, these people are being treated and there is tremendous development.

A lot of other people have been tested and found negative, at various health centers, yet HH is under playing that.

Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and some health partners have been announcing that Zambia has been capacitated to handle cases relating to Coronavirus, yet HH is feeding into the international media, that we have no capacity hence our statistics may not be correct.

This is more dangerous because it instills fear the locals and the international community.

The locals and the international community might lose trust in our official statistics on the pandemic, hence start taking unrealistic measures.

HH has even brought in the issue of money for Coronavirus being embezzled by the Govt, but which money this this political Coronavirus talking about?

This is not politics, is SABOTAGING a Country so that people can say the PF have failed with the hope of people falling back on him, but he is dead wrong, he will go together with Coronavirus as I take over from Edgar Lungu

There is no PATRIOTISM in HH, but obsession for power at all cost.





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