Tayali Narrates Ordeal Against Kambwili & Crew

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It first started before Hon. Kaoma where Dr. Kambwili was in the dock over his utterances against the President that, he has been using the Presidential jet to move drugs and that the same plane was used to carry money from the middle east.

Hon. Kaoma demanded that each litigant must only have 2 people accompanying him. At this point Kambwili’s people walked out but Kambwili also shouted from the dock like a prisoner begging for cigarettes through the Kasalanga.

“Tayali fuma!”, shouted Kambwili as he stood up coming near where I was standing.

His bouncers also came to me almost lifting me up, but I remained calm and never moved, because I was accompanying Peter Chanda, who was being cross-examined.

Later on when my main case came up before Hon. Simusamba, Kambwili’s bouncers blocked the entrance of the Courtroom preventing me from going in.

When I approached the entrance they pushed me backwards but I managed to wriggle my way into Court amidst the scuffle.

Anyway when the case started, former Attorney General, Musa Mwenye SC, made an application that, Hon. Simusamba should recuse himself from the case because Dr. Kambwili has filed a civil suit against him.

However, the Council for the State, Mrs. Margaret Chitundu vehemently argued that, Hon. Simusamba should not recuse himself from the matter because it would set a bad precedence.

“Your Honour, any accused would simply start a suit against the Court and that Court would have to recuse itself, this will set a bad precedence” said Mrs. Chitundu as she dropped very audible words, one by one, like coins in a piggyback.

She also argued that, the State would find it difficult to round up witnesses if the matter is transferred to another Court.

Magistrate Simusamba reserved the ruling for Monday 23rd March, 2020.



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