Hichilema Eulogises UPND MPs For ‘Defeating’ Bill 10; Compares Them To Freedom Fighters

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Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has compared his MPs who led an onslaught against the constitutional amendment bill number 10 to the country’s founding fathers.


Fellow citizens,

Goodmorning and warm regards to all of you including our compatriots in the diaspora.

Please join us in expressing our profound gratitude, solidarity and encouragement to the gallant UPND members of parliament, and their Independent counterparts who exercised their parliamentary privilege, by walking out of parliament two days ago, as a way to vote against the monstrous Bill 10, which the people of Zambia have clearly rejected.

To our MPs and their Independent collegues, the people of Zambia are inspired by your revolutionary spirit to protect the constitution and preserve it for future generations. They appreciate your benevolence, unflinching patriotism and sense of duty, in the wake of so much bribery money, offered to you by the corrupt regime to betray the motherland, which you rejected.

You stand on the right side of history, alongside great patriots and founders of this nation, like Mama Julia Chikamoneka, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Mainza Chona, Munakuyumbwa Sipalo, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Kenneth David Kaunda and many others who stood on the side of the people, like you did on Tuesday in Parliament.

You are indeed joining the ranks of two UNIP Members of Parliament the late Ben Mwiinga and Joshua Lumina, who in 1991 stood for the people, and against their own Party in that same Parliament, by advocating for the return of Multiparty Democracy, against the One Party dictatorship.

You are now etched in the annals of history, side by side with the late General Christon, who sacrificed his Republican Vice Presidential position, to stand firmly against late President Fredrick Chiluba’s futile attempt, at an unconstitutional third term bid in 2001. Bill 10 is attempting to sneak in the third term through the backdoor once again. Your decision therefore to stand with the people of Zambia will always be remembered for a long time to come. We urge you to continue your fight to its logical conclusion until Bill 10 is completely buried, and never to rear its ugly head again.

To the PF and its allies, withdraw Bill 10; let us go back to the drawing board with the church, civil society and all well-meaning citizens to chart the way forward. Together we can transform Bill 10 into a law that will restore confidence and unity, and ensure peace and prosperity for all Zambians now and in the future.

God bless you and God bless the Republic.
Have a great day!



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