LCC Reconstitutes Sub-Committees

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Lusaka City Council (LCC) has reconstituted the standing committees for the 2020 Civic year.

LCC Public Relations manager George Sichimba said that the new committees were approved during the Special Full Council Meeting held in the Council Chamber today.

Mr. Sichimba explained that the reconstitution of the Committees is in line with Section 15 of the Local Government Act No. 2 of 2019, read together with Clause 10 (1) and 11 (1) (a) of the Third Schedule of the Act.

“The law provided that, members of a committee shall be appointed by the Council from amongst persons who are Councillors,” Said Mr Sichimba.

And Mr. Sichimba disclosed that soon after the Special Council meeting, new committees went into committee meetings to elect Committee Chairpersons.

He added that the reconstituted committees are Human Resource and Administration Committee, to be chaired by Councillor Smart Mwitwa, while members are Councillors Watson Mtonga, Ruth Phiri, Kafula Mutale, Douglas Tembo and Tasila Lungu.

Mr. Sichimba Further added that the second committee is Legal Services to be chaired by Councillor Jonas Phiri and members include Councillors Brighton Bilumba, Leonard Sikombe and Tarcisious Ndolesha.

He said the third committee is Education Services Committee, to be chaired by Councillor Brighton Bilumba. Members are Councillors Kelvin Kaunda, Bupe Mulenga, Joseph Tamba and Stanley Kachibe.

“The fourth committee is Planning and Information Management Services, to be chaired by Councillor Annie Chinyanta. Members are Councillors Jon├ís Phiri, Luckson Sakala, Adrian Banda, Kafula Mutale, Smart Mwitwa, Watson Mtonga, Dorcas Moyo, Francis Bwalya and Tarsicious Mulenga,” Mr Sichimba said.

The LCC Public Relations Manager said that the fifth committee is Health Services Committee, to be chaired by Councillor Chilando Chitangala. Members include Councillors Adrian Banda, Moses Bwalya, Patrick Mwansa, Tasila Lungu, Teddy Mwaba and Muhammad Mutete.

“The sixth committee is Finance, Valuation and Commercial Undertakings, to be chaired by Councillor Patrick Mwape. Members are Councillors Humphrey Kapapula, Muhammad Mutete, Dorcas Moyo, Luckson Sakala, Leonard Sikombe, Patrick Mwansa, Kelvin Kaunda, Moses Bwalya, Kasongo Chomba, Sylvester Mulenga and George Daka,” Mr Sichimba disclosed.

“The seventh committee is Agricultural, Environment and Natural Resources, to be Chaired by Councillor Douglas Tembo. Members are Councillors Kasongo Chomba, Patrick Salubusa and Humphrey Kapapula.”

He said the eighth committee is Community Development and Social Services, to be chaired by Councillor Patrick Salubusa. Members are Councillors Longa Chiboboka, Patrick Mwape, Chilando Chitangala, Bupe Mulenga and Elijah Makungu

Mr Sichimba added that the ninth committee is Engineering Services, to be chaired by Councillor Elijah Makungu. Members are Stanley Kachibe, Joseph Tamba, Teddy Mwaba and Longa Chiboboka.

Mr Sichimba further said the tenth committee is Audit, to be chaired by Councillor George Daka. Members are Councillors Sylvester Mulenga, George Daka, Ruth Phiri and Annie Chinyanta.

Meanwhile, His Worship the Mayor of Lusaka Mr. Miles Sampa has appointed Councillor Luckson Sakala as Chief Whip of the Council who will be deputised by Councillor Ruth Phiri.

The Mayor has congratulated the newly elected Committee Chairpersons and urged them and their respective committees to be action oriented and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.

Mr Sampa said 2020 is the year of action and instructed new committees to immediately start working.

The City Father said he expects sanity in markets and bus stations, cleanliness throughout the city, unnamed streets to be named and unimplemented projects to be implemented.

Mr. Sampa said new committees should be decisive and avoid going back and forth on decision making as time has run out for such.


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