Minister Says Tribalism Against The Zambian Values

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National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister, Hon. Rev. Mrs Godfridah Sumaili has expressed grave concern at the persistent incidence of tribal remarks stating that the Vice goes against the values and principles that Zambia cherishes, as they form the foundation of the nation.

Hon. Sumaili has since urged all citizens to always strive to promote peace and co existence in the nation.

“Citizens are encouraged to adhere to national values and principles as espoused in part ii article (8) of the republican constitution,” she said.

“We should all uphold and promote national unity, morality, ethics, human dignity and non discrimination,” she added.

Rev. Sumaili emphasised that all citizens have a duty to ensure that the nation continues to enjoy tranquility and remain united and peaceful under the” One Zambia one Nation” motto.

The Minister said this in a statement released to the press this afternoon.


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