Kalusha Eyes FAZ Comeback; Files Fo March 28 Election

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KALUSHA Bwalya has successfully filed in his nomination to contest the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Presidency with a call to bring back Zambia’s footballing glory, unity of purpose and tranquility to the game.

The 1988 African Footballer of the Year arrived at football house slightly after 14 hours this afternoon.

After filing in his nomination, Kalusha informed the media that he has decided to contest the FAZ Presidency, after serious introspection and deep reflection and consultation from his family and many Zambians across a wide spectrum, in order to bring back sanity to the unifying game of football in Zambia.

“So we want Zambian football to move forward, to begin from were we left. If you look at Zambia today, football is supposed to be a unifying factor but it is nolonger the case so my plea to you is let us bring people together – there is no monopoly in football, everybody comes and goes,” said Kalusha.

Asked how confident he feels to emerge victorious, Kalusha, alias King Kalu, said the people of Zambia know who Kalusha Bwalya is and where he is coming from and asked for people’s support in order to bring football back to is glory days.

“We are already Zero points out of Two games for the Africa Cup of Nations which is an emblem for African Football. It is a yardstick and it does not look good for Zambia so it would be a tragedy if Zambia misses out for the 3rd consecutive time meaning you will only remain with World Cup which is a tough battle,” he observed.

And on the alleged reports that he might be blocked considering that the requirements stipulates that he should be a Zambian resident, Kalu said he is Zambian whose entire life has been about football and asked for such divisions to be put aside for the sake of the beautiful game of football.

He said those doubting his eligibility can write to CAF or FIFA and inquire about his eligibility to contest the position.

“People can stand for FIFA Presidency in Zurich. People can stand as CAF President leading 54 Countries from an Island off the Coast of Africa. So this is football and am not the one who is going to play but we have to set the platform for people that are going to play. We provide them with resources, the know-how and the encouragement so that they reach the target were you and I and the people want,” he emphasized.


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