I Didn’t Chose To Be Born Tonga, Laments HH

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Ba Mayo ba Nkandu Luo,

Being Tonga is both a cultural and geographical accident. Being a human being, created in the Image and likeness of God, is substantial and fundamental to us all. We were all created by God but placed in different localities bearing different names in order to show that God is the greatest of all artists (ni shimwelenganya).

Therefore, when you demean me or any other person on the basis of such accidental occurrences like tribe, you are directly insulting God who created us. I know you have run out of ideas following the realisation of many Zambians that they have been cheated about my personality and are now joining me in taking Zambia forward. Mwaloba ilyauma.

Zambians today are more concerned about where their next meal is going to come from. They look forward to having access to clean water and better sanitation, going to schools that prepares them for the future and having healthcare facilities that have all the necessary medical equipments, drugs and personnel.

That is what we should focus on during campaigns and not divisive sentiments. Let’s spread love, unity and togetherness for we are one Zambia one nation.



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