Shakafuswa: There Must Be Something Wrong With Our Economy

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When Government is failing to meet it resource obligations, its Leaders are filling the vacuum. They are flashing money all over. How come the Goverment economy is failing whilst that of Leaders and those connected to them are thriving?

Our Economy is managed by our Leaders. It is like you are a shareholder of a Company making losses and then your managers are swimming in money. They don’t declare any divide at all. You definitely stand and wonder what is wrong.

This culture of Leaders being Father Christmas, dashing out handouts is uncalled for. Zambia is rich. It is very dehumanizing for its citizens to be lining up for left overs from Leaders excesses.

Our Government has a social responsibility to take care of its citizens. Not the leaders. Where are they making money from when the economy is failing. Established companies are folding. Look at micro lending institutions who the civil service rely upon. They can’t help our Civil Servants anymore. We had a motivated Civil Service, who could easily get what they wanted and Pay backin installments. What has happened? People are now lininggup for handouts. Very disgracing. How do we as a people have dignity if we have been reduced to beggars waiting for by election to have mana from Leadership?.

Is it deliberate that we have been subjected to poverty so that we can only be rescued if we singer Political patronage songs to be able to access relief. Today money has gone to buying Political Patronage. Money, not good noble deeds is being used to buy Political support. What have we reduced our Politics to? And poor Zambian you agree. No. Get the money and make your free choice in the booth based on performance and integrity of out Leaders


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