Ignore The Bogus Pastor From Nigerian; He’s A Psycho, Conman & A Rabid Wolf

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A fella deported from Zambia posted his tantrums made at his congregation against Zambian government officials.

The Nigerian has given the officials he claimed to have had interactions with 20 days in which to return his so called powers. Som Zambians are falling for the rubbish.

We can do better Zambia. If you don’t know your Bible then Seer 1’s rabid utterances will shake you, but if you know scripture, then you’ll understand just how spiritually bankrupt Seer 1 really is.

When he stands in front of his wayward congregation and demands “All the power you collected from me, return it in 20 days” he sounds like a rusty brass and a tinkling cymbal. The strange doctrine that SEER 1 peddles is a product of his own imaginations.

Honestly speaking, what inherent power has SEER 1 bequeathed the Zambian people? None.

Your congregation may have deep pockets, but I can assure you, they have shallow minds. Any congregation that sits and listens to this type of self absorbed display of lunacy is void of sound doctrine.

For the record. The Zambian people don’t owe you anything SEER 1. Your predicted 20 days will come and go and nothing out of the ordinary will occur. Come February 14 when this prediction elapses, Zambia will carry on with their lives.

Infact, it will be Valentines Day when Seer 1’s stupidity will be observed by himself and not our country. The idiot has no power whatsoever!

Adapted from SML


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