The People’s View: Exposing A Turncoat

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“It pains me when I look at the people who are defending the PF” – Harry Kalaba

“When I say the PF is corrupt, believe me” – Harry Kalaba.

He is speaking this morning on Let The People Talk on Radio Phoenix.

It is amazing how things change. Not long ago, this same Harry Kalaba was defending the PF Government when we correctly said the Patroitic Front is the most corrupt government since the founding of this nation. We have been watching, with excruciating pain, some people defending them, just as Harry Kalaba was defending them not many months ago, until he developed presidential ambitions. The stench of corruption is so strong, even the people in europe can smell it, that is why donors are withdrawing their funding and demanding their money back.

Our country has never sunk so low as it has under this PF Government. That is why even the British Government have written us off, they have not even invited Zambia to the UK-Africa Investment Summit which started yesterday in London. Even our small neighbour, Malawi, is invited, but not Zambia because the British know that President Lungu’s PF government has nothing to offer, they will be just adding numbers and crowding the summit.

So Harry Kalaba is preaching to the converted, he is telling us what we have always known.

Yona Musukwa


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