Is Bill 10 This Disastrous Or…?

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There is absolutely something strange about Bill 10 and its opposers. It’s either the lack of appreciation or sheer ignorance.


Bill 10 needs to be withdrawn at all possible costs!

Bill 10 is a disaster and its effect on the constitutional architecture of the republic will be enormously destructive.

Bill 10 has deliberately created blanks and lacunae in the constitution.

Bill 10 has equally not addressed how the concept of a coalition government is going to work in a country and does not explain the impact should one partner in the coalition government decides to pull out.

The best course of action is to completely withdraw it immediately and let Zambians continue with the current 2016 Amendment of the Constitution even if we considered such rushed amendments as piecemeal, we need to let the constitution expose such lacunas so that we can plan for better time to look at close range and well consulted stakeholders process.


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