Viewpoint: UPND’s “No Stone Unturned” Campaign Is Part of 2021 Mischief

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Given the announcement 2021 is UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s final straw at Plot One, the opposition party is leaving “no stone unturned.” Whether or not this approach is good for the country can be seen from the rhetoric of the party hierarchy and its functionaries.

A discernible mind should be wary, however, of the stance the UPND is taking. Right from Hichilema at the top to the junior party functionaries below, the UPND seems to be for anything irrespective of the cost – much less like an all or nothing scenario.

Zambians may have to brace for one of its worst campaign and election periods as 2021 approaches. It’s the fifth presidential and general election since the reintroduction of multi-party politics in 1991. In fact, the UPND appears to be going into the election with a “do or die” mentality. It’s either Hichilema wins or bloodshed prevails.

Such conclusions can be drawn from the rhetoric propagated by Hichilema and his officials to confirm a scurrilous scheme. First, Hichilema and his agents have set their arsenals at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and its Chairperson Esau Chulu.

Hichilema said he was aware ECZ was scheming to steal, once again in his view, the election from him in 2021. And he warned that any such alleged “funny tricks” will not go unchecked. Clearly, the UPND strongman is psyching his party membership for some mischief.

As if well calculated using an economists’ scientific calculator, a flurry of statements is emerging from other ranks of the UPND who are so intoxicated with imaginary hope that they will win the 2021 election. Yet, the party’s popularity does not go beyond half the country’s geographic distribution.

In consonance with Hichilema’s rhetoric, Bweengwa UPND lawmaker Michelo Kasauta is quoted by The Mast this month saying President Lungu will go in 2021 “at all cost.”
He says Zambians must not turn a blind eye to the current happenings in the country. Kasauta said the ruling PF must begin to pack their bags in preparation for their exit in 2021 because they have allegedly “failed the economy terribly.”

“We the people must not turn a blind eye to the current happenings in the country but stand up to defend what is right. People are no longer free due to dictatorial tendencies while majority of the people in rural areas go to bed on an empty stomach.

“Mr Lungu must go in 2021 at all cost. Let us unite as citizens across the country and ensure that come 2021 general elections the man is gone for good. Zambian people are not harassing Mr Lungu, but it’s him who is injuring citizens by failing to improve the economy,” he said. “As citizens we must do something to save our future generations by voting PF out in 2021 and the only saviour around is HH (Hakainde Hichilema).”

Well, in any democracy there is bound to be competition. And ours is no exception. Therefore, Mr. Hichilema is expected to compete. But any competition produces a winner and a loser. In some competitions, results tie and both parties walk away with a win-win situation.

The rhetoric coming from the UPND does not suggest the spirit of competitive behavior. It appears they, by their own admission, are the only opposition anointed to win the 2021 election. They portray themselves so invincible an entity to an extent of defying the unwritten laws of competition, of nature.

Yet no matter how wrong they may be, the UPND is determined to throw anything and everything at anyone to win the 2021 election. So at what cost do they intend to win the election? Going by their approach, we ought not be surprised if the opposition body resorts to violence in their pursuit of State House.

Carefully analyze the elections held in their stronghold. The UPND are ready to kill to walk into Plot One. Will such a victory make them happy victors? Is this senseless behavior anything that would be ideal? If the UPND want to win the election at the cost of human life, who will they govern?

One thing is clear, the UPND’s sense of inflated confidence going into 2021 is frightening. Yet they forget they come up against formidable competition with better and advanced structures. One only hopes that its leadership will reflect and guide the general membership against any behavior or conduct that will plunge the country into a catastrophe.

No one needs any formal lecture about who the UPND is. After 20 years, we should know that they are a party of violence conspiring to divide the existence of the “One Zambia, One Nation” spirit through queer strategies backed by shady businessmen and women drawn largely from the dark world of the international community.

Zambians are cautioned against falling prey to this UPND scheme, this ultimate plan for the country they like to think is gilded. But not all that glitters is gold.


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