Firebrand Mutale Mwanza Goes Off On UPND Aligned Media

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Firebrand Hot Fm radio presenter, Mutale Mwanza, was at it on Monday when she fired back of allegation she was having an unfair with Zesco managing director Victor Mundende.

Media platform aligned to the opposition UPND alleged Mutale was having an affair with the Zesco boss who she granted an interview on her popular show.

The opposition claim that the interview was aimed at helping the Zesco boss launder himself from a statement he made suggesting government, and not climate change, was responsible for load-shedding in the country.


“I don’t have time this year for any nonsense or stupidity, ino year tulekokana. It has got to stop. Don’t ever reduce my qualifications to my Vagina” – Mutale Mwanza

I totally agree with her, and her anger is justified. it’s incorrect to reduce women to being nothing but pantyprenuers, that they can only be something in life by removing panties for men. I am opposed to sexism and how it is used to abuse women.

In many spheres of life, sexism is used to destroy the girl child; “She is this becouse she sleeps with the boss.” “She is that because she slept with that one.” “She is just a whore” “Hule”. These are common sexist narratives that are thrown at a girl child all the time. We may not like Mutale Mwanza or how she does her job, but it is wrong to use sexism to destroy her. We may succeed in destroying her, but we are not only destroying one person, we are destroying many other women, instead of inspiring confidence.


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