Legana Sausage Defamers Fail To Hire Lawyers

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The case in which a 19-year-old medical student Luyando Kopakopa and a 37 year old police reserve Erick N’gandu are dragged to court for defaming Legana Investment Limited for manufacturing their meat products using alleged human flesh has been adjourned.

Allegations are that between 3rd and 8th August 2019, jointly and whilst acting together with intent to defame Legana Investment Limited, the two unlawfully published a defamatory matter that the meat company was using human flesh to make sausages and that the product is packed in condoms.

When the two appeared before the Lusaka magistrate Lameck Mwale, their lawyer made an application for adjournment of the matter in order to get instructions from his clients.

But the State objected because the matter has been delayed by the defence who keep changing legal representation and each time the court sits, the new lawyers request time to study the matter.

However when Magistrate Lameck Mwale asked accused number two why they have been changing legal representation he said it was due to financial challenges.

The court has granted the adjournment on condition that when the case comes up on 7th February this year with or without legal representation the matter will commence.


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