Chingola Erupts As Residents Riot Over Ritual Killings

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Riots have erupted in Chiwempala Township in Chingola over alleged ritual killings.
Due to ritual killings that are happening in chingola, the police has arrested two people involved in killing, unfortunately the people of Chingola are not happy with the police, reason why, because they want the murderers to die too, this as reached to the point of making riots, in demolishing the shops and houses of suspected people in ritual killings, not only that, the people of chingola demolished a police post in Lulamba Chingola, where the arrested murderers where expected to be kept. Police are out of man power, practically everyone in chingola including the parents, pastors, grandparents and kids are up for the riots that is taking place, chiwempala road as been blocked with the demolished mobile booths that stood by the road sideā€¦


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