Hichilema Furious AbouT Gay Support; “I’ll Sue You”

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United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema has dismissed reports that he supports homosexual acts.

He says Government leaders should get their facts rights before associating him to incorrect press reports.

And Two years before the 2021 general elections, Mr Hakainde says he is looking for people to buy the presidential jet so that the money can be used into the agriculture sector.

Zambia goes to the polls in 2021 to elect a new President when the term of office for President Edgar Lungu ends in August.

However, President Lungu is eligible for re-election after a court ruling.

Hichilema is optimistic of winning the 2021 general elections after which he says he will sell the presidential jet.

The UPND leader has in the past contested the State House job five times.

The winning margins past general elections for the ruling party, MMD AND PF, has been shrinking in the past five general elections.


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