KBF Urges Kambwili, Findlay Truce; It’s Damaging Presidency

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Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has offered to mediate between National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili and Lusaka businessman Valden Findlay in resolving their differences to avoid settling the case in court as it may injure the presidency and ultimately the country.

And Mr. Fube who says he knows the duo on a personal level, is advising the two to leave the presidency away from their personal battles and politicking.

Addressing the media in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Fube has noted with concern the growing trend to dent the presidency.

Mr. Fube is also concerned that some of the presidential aides have not performed to the expectation as they are mostly seen engaging in activities that have the potential to dent the image of the presidency.

He has noted the need to protect and defend the presidency so that those with political ambitious like himself do not find the institution dented beyond repair.

Last week at a media briefing, Mr. Kambwili questioned the friendship between President Edgar Lungu and Mr. Findlay in which he insinuated drug trafficking in the relationship, an allegation which has prompted Mr. Findlay to take legal action against Mr. Kambwili.


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