Donors Funding Anti Constitution Reform Campaign

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Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip, Tutwa Ngulube has alleged that there are some donors and foreign elements sponsoring the campaign to reject the constitution refining process for selfish reasons.

Speaking during the pf interactive forum in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Ngulube PF Kabwe Central Member of Parliament has alleged that some donors are sponsoring people to denounce the process in order to make ordinary Zambians believe that the motive to have the constitution refined is ill conceived and meant to benefit the pf government.

Mr. Ngulube has called on those against or with reservations on certain clauses in the proposed bill No. 10 of 2019 to come forward and make submissions using the right channels that have been made available, rather than demonize the entire process which is meant to benefit Zambians.

And Mr. Ngulube has told the opposition stop complaining about the constitution process because they are the ones that have been calling for changes to certain clauses in the current constitution.

He has wondered why opposition political parties do not want to take part in a process that they have been calling for since 2016.


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