Viewpoint: Violence On Foreigners In SA Is Genocide

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Emmanuel Kamwi Wrote;

Why is the media and govts using a wrong description to describe the incidents happening in South Africa?

How did the international community describe hate crimes & expulsions of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar? How are the incidents in South Africa different to those in Myanmar? Xenophobia is a feeling and not an action – we cannot see or police feelings, but we can see the consequences of feelings. There is no such a thing as stopping Xenophobia, we cannot stop people from harbouring Xenophobic feelings but we can stop them from taking negative actions fueled by Xenophobic feelings.

What we are witnessing in South Africa fits the description of how the United Nations described hate crimes against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Imagine if the incidents we are witnessing where in Congo DR or Rwanda, could we have described the incidents as Xenophobic?

Today, a 24 hours ultimatum has been issued for govt to state when government will REMOVE (black) foreigners in South Africa; after 24 hours, the Zulu living in hostels have promised to attack foriegners – Is this not exactly what was happening in Myanmar? The UN described the incidents in Myanmar as Genocide, what is special about South Africa?

Emmanuel Kamwi

Zambia we will be respected Internationally if we describe the incidents the way the UN described the exactly similar incidents in Myanmar.

The international community should react to the violence against black foriegn nationals in South Africa in the same manner it reacted to the violence against white farmers in Zimbabwe considering that the incidents are similar.


Emmanuel Kamwi is a Human Rights Activist.


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