Viewpoint: Tayali Speaks For Hichilema

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HH has just posted something, which has got my attention and I condemn the PF govt if it is true. PF would be making a fool of themselves to think that if they block HH from interacting with citizens, then they will not vote for him, because the man might go through with a sympathy vote.

Zambians don’t like bullish govts, they may revolt against it in an elections. Allow HH to interact with people so that they can judge him for who he really is. They are not stupid to tell who is a bad or good leader.

Anyway this is what HH posted:

We understand there was heavy police presence in the streets of Chawama constituency today. All this we are informed was in effort to stop us from doing some charity work and blocking us from a planned tour of Chawama.

The heavy presence of police officers in Chawama today should be a daily routine to protect our citizens, as opposed to blocking one individual whose right of movement is guaranteed by the constitution.

We fully sympathise with police officers for being abused in such a manner. When citizens notify the police to conduct a peaceful protest, hold a rally or any public event, the usual response is that there is not enough manpower. But here we are with heavy police presence in the streets of Chawama mobilised at short notice for only one individual.

As UPND when we take over the reigns of power in 2021 from day one, we shall undertake to restore the rule of law and ensure all citizens regardless of political affiliation, enjoy all fundamental freedoms and basic rights as enshrined in our constitution.

To the police, please remain there and other places to protect property and life in Chawama.


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