Austerity Measures: 90 Travel Ban For PS Extended

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Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Simon Miti says President Edgar Lungu has Permitted him to institute sanctions on any Senior Government officers including Permanent Secretaries frustrating Government programmes and not adhering to austerity measures.

And Dr. Miti has indicated that his office in consultation with President Edgar Lungu will soon be making adjustments to Senior Government officers and Permanent Secretaries to improve efficiency in service delivery.

“My office in consultation with his excellency the President, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu will soon be making adjustments to Senior Government officers and Permanent Secretaries to improve the efficiency of the system. These adjustments may include transfers and otherwise. To this effect, you are advised to take your work extremely serious.

“In addition, you are required to demonstrate the relevance of your ministries through results. Heads of institutions are also advised to adhere to disciplinary procedures for erring officers to avoid litigation and the associated costs” He stated.

“Further, if it is observed that you are not working as a team and are frustrating government programmes, sanctions will follow, it is no longer business as usual. This is a new Secretary to the Cabinet. He reaffirmed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Miti has until further notice extended the 90-day travel ban for Permanent Secretaries which was introduced in June this year and was due to expire midnight tonight.

Speaking when he addressed Permanent Secretaries, Chairpersons of Service Commissions and other heads of Public Institutions at their fourth management meeting, Dr. Miti said this is to enable Government remain on course in reducing expenditure on travel and direct scarce resources to areas that benefit most of citizens.

Dr. Miti has further announced that performance contracts for Permanent Secretaries will now include how they are contracting and managing debt in their institutions, implementation of cabinet decisions, and accountability as well as audit results.

He added that in view of the country’s economic situation triggered by climate change effects and other factors, all Permanent Secretaries’ focus should be driven by the mantra “Managing for Results, doing more with less.”

He also stressed the need for all Permanent Secretaries to leverage on all opportunities to create jobs for youths.

He has since directed them to develop deliberate strategies and programs to address 80 percent of young people, further extending the directive to the defence forces.

Dr. Miti encouraged the Permanent Secretaries to capitalize on the nations demographic dividend to transform the Zambian economy by enhancing entrepreneurship and productivity of young people leaving school.

And Further, Dr. Miti instructed the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Mines to put in place a mechanism for managing the discovery of Gold reserves. But was quick to mention that this should be done in a manner that maximizes the benefits to the nation as directed by President Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile Dr. Miti has directed the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to develop a communication strategy for the public service saying the strategy should clearly spell out how to communicate on sensitive matters to ensure consistency on governments position.

Meanwhile, Dr. Miti has urged Permanent Secretaries to strengthen management and response mechanisms to emergencies in each public institution adding that they should not be left to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) alone.

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