Police Block Hichilema’s Chongwe Visit

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Police in Chongwe yesterday stopped UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from conducting a fact finding mission on the water situation in the area.

Hichilema visited the area after reports that the water situation in Chongwe was desperate as the only source – the Chongwe river – had dried up.

The opposition leader says while sympathizing with the people, police citing the public order act, stopped them stating that they need to obtain a police permit.

The UPND leader however said he advised the officers that his party was not fighting them but merely assessing what they could do for the communities to ensure they accessed safe and clean drinking water after the resident’s only source of water, the Chongwe Dam has nearly dried up due to drought and other factors related to disturbances of forest reserve recharge areas.

Hichilema explains that his visit to Chongwe was to get facts on the ground to enable the party work out a plan to ensure water for the people is availed through various means including sinking boreholes.

He is disappointed that the police vehemently insisted that they had no right to visit such places because they are run by government.


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