Villagers In Choma Storm Minister’s Office

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Some villagers from far flung areas in Choma district yesterday stormed the office of the Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale claiming high levels of corruption and prolonged days without purchasing maize at food reserve agency depots.

Speaking on behalf of other thirty villagers, headman Syacilonde charged that the officers handling the FRA depot in Choma are segregate in who buys the maize.

And some women who broke down in the presence of the minister said they have stayed in Choma for close to a month without buying maize from FRA due to corruption.

The women charged that FRA officers do not consider the distances the villagers travel to buy maize.

The villagers’ concerns come in the wake of the ministry of agriculture assuring that the FRA will transport maize to villages to buy.

And reacting to the cries of the villagers, southern province minister, Edify Hamukale announced a 5 days suspension of buying FRA maize to allow those from far flung areas buy maize in time.


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