DRC Doctor Finds Ebola Cure

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Dr. Muyembe

After researching the Ebola virus for over fifty years, Dr Jean Jacque Muyembe and his team have announced a new cure that has proved effective in curing 90% of Ebola patients when symptoms are reported early.

Dr Muyembe defines the discovery as “the achievement of a lifetime”.

A clinical trial has shown that two new drugs mAb114 and REGN-EB3 improve Ebola patients’ survival rates by a significant rate, scientists say.

The results mark the first time doctors feel confident that Ebola, a deadly disease that has killed more than 1,800 people in Democratic Republic of Congo, is now “curable.”

The trial was named “Pamoja Tulinde Maisha,” which translates to “together save lives,” in local Swahili.


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