Clean The Mess At ECZ, UPND Tell New Boss

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The UPND welcomes the appointment of Mr.Patrick Nshindamo as the new Chief Elections Officer at the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ)

Having known and interacted with Mr.Nshindamo at various civil society engagements, we are very optimistic that he will deliver in his new mandate.

We remain optimistic that his character and experience as an advocate of good governance will turn around the fortunes of the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) in regaining public confidence.

The UPND wishes to advise the new Elections Chief to take a holistic approach to matters of elections in the country and regain public confidence in an organization that remains the pinnacle of our country’s democracy and its values.

Mr.Nshindamo’s appointment comes at the time when the organization needs to retain it’s credibility which has eroded in the recent past in the eyes of the political players and the general public.

Once again on behalf of the UPND and indeed on my own behalf,I wish to congratulate Mr.Nshindamo and ask him to hit the ground running in terms of elections management,voter registration and retention of public confidence.



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