Kambwili Caught In Web Of Lies

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Patriotic Front deputy director Antonio Mwanza says NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili should stop misleading Zambians by spreading falsehoods.

Kambwili yesterday claimed that President Edgar Lungu was inaugurating a hospital in Bangweulu at a cost of $154 million.

“Imwe do you what $154 million can build. It’s a building bigger than UTH,” he said.

But Mwanza said “before you mislead yourself and before you mislead the general citizenry here is the official transcript of what His Excellency President Edgar Lungu stated.”

Mwanza said the hospital in Bangweulu was quoted K154,174,340.72.

During the ground breaking, President Lungu said, “my government has placed high premium on having a healthy and productive population to spur socio-economic development. This is as outlined in the seventh national development plan, the patriotic front manifesto, and the national health strategic plan 2017-2021,

“Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to lay the foundation stone to commence the construction of an ultra modern hospital, *the bangweulu regional hospital, which will be constructed at the cost of k154, 174 340.72.”


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