Banker Vanishes With $400, 000

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A banker at the multinational financial institution, Barclays Bank, has vanished from Lusaka after allegedly dipping her fingers in the safe.

Pamela Gondwe, a cashier at Barclays Bank’s Longacres branch, allegedly bolted the country with over $400, 000 in her purse.

Two years ago Pamela published a book for which she received a number of awards and reviews. Ironically, she titled the book ‘Tears in a Suitcase’.

She is said to have a Nigerian boyfriend who many suspect is the chief architect of the theft which has left Zambians in awe.

According to informers, two weeks ago she had traveled to Ghana to visit the same boyfriend.

Those close to the development report that Pamela appears to have had gained the trust of her superiors to the extent that she was allowed to leave a brand new suitcase in the vault on Friday last week.

And on Monday her fellow custodian momentarily left her in the vault alone to have lunch.

It was at this point that Pamela stuffed the dollars in the suitcase and sneaked out of the branch using the back door. She even managed to deposit some money at the Barclays airport branch on the same day the theft occurred.


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