Alert Fire Fighters Avert Lusaka Disaster

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Fire fighters

An alert team of fire fighters using the controversially acquired $42 million fire trucks yesterday put out a fire that would have potentially destroyed goods and property worth millions of kwacha in Lusaka.

According to an eyewitness account, Lusaka’s Kulima Tower Bus station shops was gutted but only saved by quick action by the Lusaka city fire fighters.

Initial indications show that the fire was caused by a brazier left in one of the restaurants at the busy station.

“I am Just leaving Kulima tower bus station after a tip off from someone that the station is on fire.

“I rushed to the station and found that it was not the station that was on fire but a few shops.

“The fire began from one of the small restaurants. This happened when the owner of the restaurant left Beans on the Brazier and knocked off, the Pot dropped off the “unstable” brazier and some charcoal also went to the floor and this was the cause of the fire, which swept through a few other shops.

“This would have been a bad situation had it not been for the quick response from the fire department who immediately sent three fire trucks to stop the fire.

“And with the help of other shop owners, co- boys, bus drivers and others, the fire department managed to put down the fire with only a few shops affected.

“The fire has been put down and the situation is almost back to normal,” Chanda John Chimba recounts.


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