Guard Against Fake News; It’s Toxic – Pres. Lungu

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President Edgar Lungu has cautioned Zambians against perpetrating fake news on social media saying it was toxic and a danger to the peace of the country.


President on fake news and social media



I wish to express grief at the trail of destruction that fake news particularly on social media, is leaving on individuals, families, political parties and the entire nation.

This fake news is wrecking havoc and it continues to threaten the peace of our nation. It is indeed of serious concern at the rate that it is being disseminated and stepping on the toes of everyone.

As pope francis recently warned and i quote:

“internet-based fake news” is formenting prejudice and hatred, and our culture is losing its sense of truth as it bends the facts to suit particular interests”. End of quote.

It is irresponsible and illogical for people to abuse our democracy by using social media platforms to disseminate falsehoods against individuals, and especially our economy.

It is sad to note that the perpetrators are under the false impression that by using such platforms to fabricate fake news, they will win the hearts of the zambian people to lead this nation.

Tell the zambian people what you will do for them to stir economic growth rather than resorting to peddling lies which will not put food on their table.

You cannot aspire to lead in peace by rising on a platform of destruction. Equally, you cannot hope to lead in truth by rising on a platform of falsehood.

The innocence of truth has severely been attacked and as patriotic front we must rise to the occasion to defend the truth.

It is for the sake of the peace and stability of our nation, it is for the sake of the growth of our economy, and it is for the sake of maintaining our position in the region and the world at large as a beacon of peace.

Perpetrators of fake news must be condemned in strongest terms and they must be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.

We should not allow this to continue with impunity. We should protect our future leaders from such careless actions. Posterity will judge us harshly if we remain content with this status quo.


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