Zambian Teen Advocate Pays Tribute To Mentors

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Natasha Mwansa

Zambian teen, Natasha Mwansa, has paid tribute to her mentors after winning an international health award.

Natasha also mesmerized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta when she delivered a moving and eloquent speech advocating child rights.

The video of her speech has gone viral.


When I came here, I had no idea I was going to be awarded. It explains a lot because honestly the World Health Organization (WHO) pushed for me to be here.

They were calling all sorts of authorities all the way from Geneva to Zambia just to ensure I make it. Of course the speech mattered the most but the award was also really big and wel deserved. 😊

The award is called the Global Health Award. It’s awarded to people who are doing their best to promote the health of people aroubd the world. And so, WHO did their background check and were quite impressed with my work towards Adolescent and Women’s health and wellbeing. I am the youngest receipient of this golden medal. The only Zambian to have received it. And one of the very few, and I mean very few around the whole world to be awarded with it.

I would love to thank my parents, Charity Besa Mwansa and Watson T Mwansa for all your work in raising and making me the best person I can be. Your hard work has paid off Mama and Paps. I love you. Shout out to my siblings too. Hehe.

I would love to thank Uncle Henry Kabwe and the Media Network on Child Rights and Development for their investment in my empowerment and the exposure they gave me that fuelled my passion for health. This is my home. This medal and largely dedicated to you.

I would also love to thank my Pastor, Mentor and Father in the Lord, Apostle Fredrick Madaliso Kaluluma, your support, mentorship, grooming, work and teachings have propelled me to who I am today. Shout out to every church member that has supported my work too. ❤️

Special shout outs to the African Union’s Youth Advisory board, Women Deliver, Safaids, the UN Zambia and many other organizations that have given me platforms to fight for the health of young people and females.

I didn’t have time to guve a speech on stage but I could give one now so I did. 😂

I have been doing this for 6 years and and really, this award is a big win, not for me alone, but my country, my continent and young people at large. I am but an exeptional example of the potential we hold. And this is the start of many greater things to come


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