PF Expels ‘Truant’ KBF; Re-Admits GBM

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PF secretary general Davies Mwila

Traunt Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya has been expelled from the ruling Patriotic Front.

KBF, who announced plans to challenge President Edgar Lungu at the general conference, is shown the door alongside Julius Komaki, a known cadre.

The PF Central  Committee which sat on Sunday in Lusaka resolved to expel the two for of its ordinary members for indiscipline.

Party Secretary General Davies Mwila made the announcement this morning.

“… Central Committee received reports and recommendations for the expulsion of Mr. Julius Komaki and Mr. Kelvin Fube Bwalya .Central Committee unanimously resolved to expel from the Party with immediate effect the duo for gross indiscipline and uttering statements aimed at creating disunity and confusion in the Party.

“Let me mention here that the duo essentially expelled themselves when they started pushing for disunity and anarchy in the Party because there is no progressive political movement that allows laws of the jungle to take centre stage.

“This must serve as a warning to members of the Party that in asserting your freedoms as a member, do not drag the party’s name into disrepute. We shall enforce discipline in the Party and there shall be no sacred cows.

“The two colleagues must therefore be removed from all platforms associated with the Patriotic Front with immediate effect,” he said.

Meanwhile, former opposition UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM and Erick Chanda, the former National Democratic Congress spokesperson.

GBM is former defence minister in the PF government while Chanda was party of the early members the ruling party.

They are both re-admitted after the party leadership waived the three year comeback rule.



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