Tasila Inspires Special Needs Pupils In Kafue

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President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila Lungu has visited a community school in Kafue, 45 kilometres outside the capital Lusaka.

Tasila Lungu, a civic leader for Nkoloma Ward in Chawama, inspired Kasenje School pupils.

The School has a special education needs section and offers literacy classes to adults within the community.

Tasila writes

“I was delighted to visit the Kasenje Primary School in Kafue. The school is run by the inspiring Head Mr. Loti Sikasunda.

“The school has classes from pre-school to grade nine and also has a special needs section, fruit and vegetable garden and a poultry facility. The school also offers literacy classes for both parents and adults in the community.

“I am so encouraged by the school’s progress and I am happy to see the community engagement for the school. Thank you to the wonderful people of Kafue.”

Tasila Lungu


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