Anarchists At NDF Threatened With Expulsion

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The constitution

National Dialogue Forum Chairperson, Professor Muyunda Mwanalushi has threatened to dismiss from the forum any delegate who may want to undermine the establishment of the forum by accusing the gathering of having a preconceived motion to manipulate its outcome.

Professor Mwanalushi issued the warning when two opposition leaders, Chilufya Tayali of Economic and Equity Party and James Lukuku, Republican Progressive Party leader expressed concern over the conduct of members of parliament and the seemingly diversion of the forum from the stipulated terms of reference.

Phoenix FM staffer Mike Sichula reports that Mr. Lukuku has noted with concern how PF MPs are using their influence to silence other delegates during deliberations in the forum.

And Mr. Tayali rose on a point of order questioning the motive by delegates at the forum to debate the re-introduction of deputy ministers in the constitution, a matter which the forum is yet to resolve.

It was at this moment that Professor Mwanalushi curtailed Mr. Tayali accusing him of having gone to the forum with an agenda to cause confusion further stating that all debates are not meant to favor the current administration.

Meanwhile, opposition UPPZ President Charles Chanda has withdrawn his party’s participation from the national dialogue forum accusing forum chairperson, Professor Mwanalushi of being biased in the manner he is moderating debates during plenary sessions of the ongoing forum.

speaking to journalists when he walked out of the forum, the visibly emotional Mr. Chanda has doubted the inclusiveness of deliberations of the forum claiming that pf inclined delegates are given more time to speak than other delegates.



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