Farmers, Others Welcome Zesco Tariffs Freeze

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The Zambia National Farmers’ Union has thanked President Edgar Lungu for his intervention to suspend the proposed Zesco Tariffs increments.

ZNFU President Jarvis Zimba said the Head of State’s decision is timely.

Zimba said Farmers were extremely concerned with the proposed tariff increments as this could have resulted into added costs of production, and especially the cost of producing irrigated crops such as cabbages, tomatoes, rape and wheat, among others.

He said the increase in tariffs was going to have a knock-on effect on all major inputs and commodities and in turn lead to some farmers failing to produce and running out of business.

“As ZNFU, we are very grateful that after the meeting held during the Field Day in Choma/Kalomo on 2nd May 2019 where farmers complained over the issue of pending Zesco Tariff increments, Mr. President you listened to our cry and took a fatherly and decisive position on the matter,” Zimba said.

President Lungu has directed the Ministry of Energy to defer the Tariff review application made by ZESCO to the Energy Regulations Board.

Energy Minister Hon. Mathews Nkhuwa announced at the weekend that President consulted widely on the application.

“President Lungu has with immediate effect suspended the tariff review application made by ZESCO to the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

“After consultations, His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has listened to the concerns raised by various stakeholders and members of the public”

Hon. Nkhuwa has since advised that all concerned institutions to accordingly suspend the tariff review process with immediate effect.

“The section of society have voiced out their concerns on the proposed application for the tariff review by ZESCO and its implications on the general cost of doing business”


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