Chitotela Talks Tough: Demands Efficiency

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Government has raised a flag against COPPERFIELD MINING SERVICES for shoddy works on a 20 kilometer stretch of the Peddicle Road starting from Lubembe Bridge going through to the Levy Mwanawasa Bridge. Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Hon Ronald Chitotela Warned the contractor of stern action against them from Government for the bad and undesirable works that they have so far done even after being given a total of ZMK30 000 000.

Mr Chitotela who was accompanied by RDA and Ministry of Housing Officials said it is sad that even after being paid the money, the works done so far are not impressive. “This is so seddening, look at the how damaged the road is within a short period of commencement of this project, potholes are all over, a sign to show that works were badly done, we can’t accept this”, said Hon Chitotela.

And when quizzed with questions as to why he certified the bad works done by the contractor, Eng Kayembe who was engaged by RDA as an independent consultant on the project, said it was regrettable that such happened and appealed to the Minister for linience and promised that the contractor will be engaged to see to it that the problem was electrified at the cost of the contractor. And Hon Chitotela In very certain terms warned COPPERFIELD of termination of contract if nothing impressive is done within a specified time.

And on the construction of WILSON MOFYA CHAKULYA Toll Plaza which is along the Kitwe to Chingola Road, Hon Chitotela has once again expressed disappointment at the slow pace at which works are being executed on the project as compared to other contractors such as the one working on the ENOCK KAVINDELE which is ready for the official opening on the same road who started works way after COPPERFIELD MINING started.

The Minister said this is the reason why local contractors complain of being left out because the approach towards work does not impress Government.


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