Kambwili Rants After He’s Tossed Out Of Power Radio

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National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili has gone wild attacking President Edgar Lungu after he was tossed out of a radio station in Kabwe.

Suspsected PF cadres allegedly stormed Power FM and attended to flash Kambwili out of the station.

The cadres were only restrained by their leader who cautioned Kambwili against insulting President Lungu.

Shortly after the fracas, Kambwili took to social media and called President Lungu a coward.


President Lungu sends the same thugs he sent to beat up protesting council workers to attack me during my radio program.

PF cadres broke into the power fm studio insulting and threatening to kill me all because I was on radio, the PF cadres who were armed tore down window panes and broke the radio station property.

These are the same thugs Lungu sent on council workers whilst he was in Kabwe at the time of the attack. President Lungu must know that thuggery has no place in our politics and in 2021 he is gone.

You fired me from government because you fear me, you removed me from parliament because you fear me, and now that I am in the opposition you are arresting and attacking me every day.

What a coward! Face me politically not using unruly cadres and police officers to intimidate me.

Despite little bruises here and there I am safe and sound. It’s just extremely sad that Lungu has decided to use violence on his opponents.


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