Viewpoint: The GBM Suspension; Who Is Dancing?

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It is all clear in the political arena that lower leadership positions will never be the same in the UPND after the National Democratic Congress (NDC), through Dr Chishimba Kambwili’s proxy, Joseph Chishala, won the Roan Constituency parliamentary by-election on April 11, 2019.

It is not a hidden secret that the UPND campaigned for Mr Chishala and the win has brought about disturbing effects at the top in which the thinking of the leadership of the largest opposition political party in Zambia is probably questioning the relevance of its vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba or simply GBM.

This can be denied hundred times but time has a way of telling its story.

Let’s cut the chase. Dr Kambwili makes political alliance partner sense than GBM and other alliance opposition political parties. 
Dr Kambwili is the new beautiful chick in the political arena and coming from the heartbeat of the Patriotic Front, the Copperbelt Province, has a higher bride price.

Dr Kambwili can’t be compared to GBM, who failed to produce a UPND Member of Parliament in Northern Province in the 2016 general elections.

As recent as April 11, GBM failed with flying colours to win Mfinshe Ward by-election in Mungwi District where he is related to the Chiti Mukulu, the paramount Chief of the Bemba.

This is despite the Patriotic Front failing to field a candidate.
The seat was won by an unfamiliar political party in the name of the Forum for Democracy and Development.

For those who follow political history, GBM resigned from the Patriotic Front Government because he disagreed with his long-time friend Michael Sata, who disputed the legitimacy of the current Chiti Mukulu as the heir to the throne.

So the win by Dr Kambwili’s NDC and the defeat of UPND in Mumbwi makes matters politically precarious. 

If Dr Kambwili had decided to remain a neutral political player, as the case is with Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba, then the politics of UPND would have had a reflection of 2016.

But enter Dr Kambwili as NDC consultant and an alliance partner of the United Party for National Development and 12 other political parties, then the political game has changed. 

Mr GBM must do something strange to win the political favour from within UPND and PF.

Otherwise, GBM is in the politics of a dying horse.

For Dr Kambwili, he will continue to dance as the most sought after political beauty until 2021 before he decides on the groom.


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Photo: Iris At It Again