Supporters Give Up Hope On UPND

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The wrangle engulfing UPND after leadership changes in Kasama is causing discontent among the general populace.

UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Secretary General Stephen Katuka are at loggerheads.

This has degenerated into youths to call the expulsion of the former Kasama Central MP.

Supporters are livid.


Self destruction, dismantling the Party when you are supposed to build the party. UPND belongs to Supporters and without Supporters there is no UPND. Insulting your leaders in Public, does not make the party popular, instead of building the Party.

You have disappointed your Supporters, please allow our Leaders to resolve these issues, than insulting.

I hope we are not going back to the issue of DR Banda.

Does it mean UPND gets distracted when they are about to win Elections?

I have always had this feeling, since 2015, there are many people in the Party who are happy to see UPND remain in opposition for the next 100 years. They benefit from that, because PF paid them a lot of money. We can’t be level headed, we haven’t won the elections yet, we should humble ourselves, we need votes from all ten provinces.

Voters are questioning where to cast their vote on UPND, people should unite and focus.

I have RESPECT for our LEADERSHIP, Please resolve this, I expect the Leaders not to allow anyone to issue statements which can make further divisions in the party.

UPND Diaspora


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