Video Of Children Twerking Causes Uproar… Minister Says It’s “Immoral & Pathetic”

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A video clip of children twerking has caused an uproar with many on social media calling for authorities to take action.

The young ones are seen in the video being coached to dance sexually, acts that have not gone down well with Zambians.

Minister of Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has weighed in on the issue stating that her ministry is investigating a video that has two children dancing sexually to a common Zambian track at the applause of alleged teachers.

“This is pathetic, immoral and sexual abuse of innocent children. We are investigating,” Hon. Sumaili said in a WhatsApp group.

The video making rounds on Social Media has two children supposedly under 9 years wrapped in chitenge dancing sexually at the applause of a crowd and adults.

A male patron is also seen tapping the childs bum offering ‘a coin’ to the minor in appreciation of one of the children’s dancing.

Sections of Zambian society have called for the arrest of the teachers with mothers taking centre stage.

Others have also requested the teaching council to conduct an investigation and close down the school.


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