UPND Cracks: Bigwigs Clash In Power Struggle

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The opposition UPND leadership is crumbling with bigwigs clashing in what appears to be the struggle for control of the party.

Vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and party secretary general Stephen Katuka are engaged in a bitter fight.

GBM has even called Katuka stupid as reported by the Zambia Daily Nation.


…as HH and Mr. Mwamba clash over fired UPND official

STEPHEN Katuka is stupid, he cannot suspend a party official in my stronghold without my consent, UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has charged.

Mr Mwamba said he was aware of the maneuvres by party leader, Hakainde Hichilema, Mr Katuka, his deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka and party official, Bernard Mpundu, who held numerous meeting to strategize on how to fight him.

Mr Mwamba stated it was also shocking for Mr Hichilema to suspend five Lusaka constituency chairmen for merely having lunch with him at his residence.

He said, “There is more to it because Katuka cannot act on his own to fight me as party vice president.”

“I am reliably informed that Mucheleka, Katuka and Mpundu are behind this. They are misleading Hichilema so that they can fight me,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said it was an insult for Mr Katuka to suspend the Kasama district chairperson without consulting him.
Mr Mwamba said Mr Katuka had no rights what so ever to suspend party officials in his stronghold.

He said the party secretary general should have respect for his superiors and must never take any action without consulting him especially in Northern Province which was his bedroom.

Mr Mwamba said it was prudent for Mr Katuka to engage him so that he could understand the conflicts emanating in the province.

Mr Mwamba charged that the party secretary general was wrong to suspend innocent party official who merely reported that provincial chairperson Nathan Ilunga was incompetent.

Mr Mwamba observed that party officials in the region had for a long time petitioned for Mr Ilunga to be relieved of his duties for alleged incompetence and that Mr Katuka should have acted on the petition rather than taking against innocent official.

“Party officials in Northern Province have been calling me about what llunga was doing, and as a person who brought him to the party I had powers to act on him. And it is an insult for Katuka to go against my decision and decide to suspend an official who merely informed me,” he said.

“Katuka must know his boundaries. I am his superior and he should know that Northern Province his my stronghold. He should be doing such drama to his stronghold in North-Western and not Northern Province,” he said.

“Moreover Katuka and the entire UPND must Know that I brought Ilunga in UPND, he did not want to join the UPND, so whatever I do no one can challenge it,” Mr Mwamba said.

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