Bowman Defiant In Defeat; SG Concedes “It’s A Painful Setback”

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Lusambo during Roan campaigns

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has conceded the loss in the Roan by-election is a painful setback.

The less than three-year-old opposition party the National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate defeated the ruling party in the Roan by-election giving Chishimba Kambwili, leader of the winning team, a boost for his stay in opposition.

“This is merely a setback; We are poised for a major comeback!” Mwila declared.

But Bowman Lusambo, the PF deputy campaign manager, has picked a fight with Kambwili who issued a warning he is setting on a journey to destroy ruling party structures on the Copperbelt.

Lusambo’s Statement


I wish to take a moment to congratulate Comrade Joel Chibuye for having run a spirited campaign in the Roan by election.

His message was about development and he ran a non-violent and non-confrontational campaign. Comrade Chibuye represented the hope that the people of Roan needed.

He was by far the best candidate on the ballot unfortunately, the people decided otherwise and their decision is well respected.

On the same score, let me remind Chishimba Kambwili that the outcome of the Roan election does not take away anything from the mobilization that myself and the campaign team put up in Roan.

I encourage Kambwili to go out and ask the people of Roan, Mpatamatu, Kawama, Kasununu who Bowman Lusambo is. And if Kambwili wants to take on me in Kabushi, I say he is welcome but before he does that, he should be reminded that Kabushi is not Roan and the people of Kabushi do not take the nonsense that Kambwili brings.

The people of Kabushi are objective, very analytical and are able to see truth from deception. Kambwili should also be reminded that I got the highest number of votes across the Copperbelt in 2016 beating even him who was then a more formidable politician than today.

To illustrate how lowly, I consider Kambwili, I can only invite him to meet me in Kabushi if he comes with his alliance partners like HH, Ba Milupi, Sean Tembo and Chipimo and I can show all of them that they are babies, politically.

If Kambwili wants to take me on in Kabushi, I can actually take leave from the campaigns to go for holiday in Samfya beach and I can still thump him.

As much as Kambwili wants to take all the credit for the outcome of the Roan election, one key factor which should not be over looked is the absence of the UPND candidate on the ballot paper.

Practically, the total votes of the eventual winner are a combination of all so called alliance partners.

As we look forward, I just wish to encourage Comrade Chibuye to continue working for the people of Roan and I know that very soon they will wake up to the realization that comrade Chibuye offered more than the eventual winner.

He may have lost on the ballot but he has won a lot of respect from the people of Roan.


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