Viewpoint: Keeping Fit With The Boss

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…a Run Side by Side with ECL…

By Tilyenji Mwanza

Last night I received a call and I was told my President, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was going to be a part of our work out at Super Gym in Ndola I was so excited I could barely sleep because he has been my virtual encouragement the past couple of weeks to hit the gym.

And when I then got a call inviting Ndola City Council management to the work out; I could barely stomach my excitement and joy.

The night seemed so long, I could not wait for the clock to hit 05:00AM and well by four O’clock trust me, I was already lased up in my running shoes sitting like a little kid on the edge of the bed waiting for the sun to rise on Christmas day.

Tick-tock the clock ticked and finally it was 05:00 I got my car keys and drove off to the gym.

Usually, it is very easy for me to express myself with words on paper or in this new day, punch away on a key board but I cannot get to describe the amazing experience I had running side by side with my President.

So accommodating he was, when I ran out of a little breathe just like a parent he called out to me “Allo FAWEZA, Mwana Zimandola, Diva,” and even more humbling he called out my name ‘Tilyenji’ encouraging me to push on.

I could not believe I was running side by side with the President of this great nation and opposed to what many say about him he is a papa. When we hit the gym, ‘my regular gym’ I was there to count down for my President as he pushed them weights and alternatively he counted down for us too.

He mingled with all of us pulling some from the back and putting them right next to him as he re-echoed and emphasized that exercise was a good measure to prevent non-communicable diseases.

President Lungu is so cool for a lack of better terms, when we were done he actually asked; “Now, who wants to take a selfie?”

“I HAVE MADE IT IN LIFE,” are the only words on my lips today. From feeling so defeated and down cast I have hope for brighter day, today I ran with the President and one day I will get my dream and yes it does include flying out of Africa.

One time my only friend loved to tell me ‘BABY STEPS’ and now I understand.


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