Iris Bedazzles Social Media Fans…Triggers Massive Interest

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Iris Kaingu, known as a socialite although she hit the limelight for a porn video, dropped three images spotting her swimming much to the interest of followers.

It was her first social media or public interaction in over 60 days and from the look of things did not disappoint.

The daughter of a former minister and Mwandi lawmaker Michael Kaingu, Iris has become some sort of public sensation.

Anything related to her developments pulls huge interests on social media from men and women alike.

And yesterday, she gave what her fans were yearning for.

She posted, “an entire week with my best friend at Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere will leave you feeling absolutely fabulous!!

“The suites and impeccable service is everything. Now to return home to Sesheke where the Sun meets the Earth.”

Iris has not hidden her political ambitions but it may be a far fetched dream to attempt.


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