Court Thief Escapes From Police Cells

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A man who allegedly broke into the Lusaka Magistrates Court complex and stole items worth over K8, 000 belonging to three magistrates has escaped from police custody.

The escaped suspect was being held at Kabwata Police Station.

In this matter, John Mwanza of unknown address is charged with three counts of breaking into a building and committing a felony.

Mwanza was expected to appear before Magistrate Betty Malupenga on April 2 for plea before he escaped.

The court has since summoned the dealing officer to explain how the suspect managed to escape.

Meanwhile, sources close to the case have disclosed that he escaped along with 8 other suspects.

Mwanza, who stole among other items a radio, a flash disc and a laptop, is the second person to face charges of theft from the Magistrates Court this year alone, after Derrick Chipungu was convicted and sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.


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